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Stacy Snyder - ParentUnplugged - Biography
Stacy Snyder is loudly living her life authentically in a world of The Jones.' While there's many titles one could apply to her: parent, cohort, writer, bean counter, penny pincher, producer, creator, and loud mouth, she identifies most as "just a piece of the community pie."

She writes on issues near and dear to her heart, such as parenting, social responsibility and Living Large, which she defines as "living comfortably within my means and whole-heartedly enjoying those things in life that are most important to me." Stacy's strong, yet fluid opinion pieces have been featured in Curve, Mamapedia, and Outlines publications, and she's hosted and produced various formats of mainstream radio shows for audiences over 500,000. Her first voice in human rights activism came in the form of hosting Chicago's pioneer gay morning-drive talk radio show, Lesbigay Radio in the 90's, and she's been honing her scope and involvement, and sometimes lack thereof, ever since.

A natural supporter of the concept that which does not kill us only makes us stronger, Stacy penned her first memoir, which caustically pokes fun at the people and cultural climate of Texas she experienced as a brief 5-year resident, but moreover mocks the completely underdeveloped worldview she held dear, which led her to such a place at all. Y'all Are Gay? How I Made it Out of Texas Alive, is currently being circulated for publication.

Stacy produces and hosts I Am Your Neighbor. The web series chronicles authentic Chicagoans daring to be themselves by chasing their own happy, and in many cases, rejecting social norms.

Ghost blogging, custom copy writing, consulting, and business management keep her busy on the work front, while two daughters keep her on her toes at home in Chicago.

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