Thursday, March 12, 2015

Living Life Large

Living Life Large - Parentunplugged - Stacy Snyder
Do you live comfortably, or even well within your means? Do you whole-heartedly enjoy those things in life that are most important to you? Then you, my friend, are Living Large. You've got values and beliefs that drive you to make the decisions you do. They dictate how you spend your money and your time. When financial situations change in your world, you make adjustments to accommodate.

If this doesn't sound familiar, but you want it to, or if you are in need of loosening the monetary noose around your neck a bit, read some of the posts about Living Large. The essential concept is based on cash, as you can only spend what you physically have in your possession. If you live your life based on this, you'll build a pretty solid financial house. If you spend spend less than what you make, even better...that means you're saving some, whether it be a reserve account, a college fund, or a rainy day stash.

Living within your means is achieved by always keeping the economic balance in check by constantly monitoring the money you have coming in and comparing it to the money you have going out. Keeping track will create an awareness of your expenses, which will allow you to create a budget, or picture of your financial affairs. Massaging the budget regularly, by bringing in more money to cover expenses and cutting costs to stay within your bounty is the final step of Living Large.

While it sounds super simplistic, and the numbers part of it really is when you lay it out on paper, the day-to-day adherence to your plan can sometimes prove daunting. Unexpected expenses or breaks in income, impulse buys, and pressure from family and friends can add up to straying from your budget, often-times resulting in debt.

Give yourself permission to take charge of your financial picture on your own terms. Satisfy the need for monetary peace in your life. Put some effort in and get some tips and you will be Living Large in no time.

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